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Downtown Napa

Downtown Napa is the cultural nexus of California’s Wine Country. Whether a city break destination or a starting point to explore Napa Valley, there is plenty to keep you busy. From food to wine to spas and beyond, this is where you will find everything that makes the region famous.

Let’s take a closer look at what Downtown Napa has to offer. We are going well beyond wine tasting here (though naturally, you have to try that as well.) There’s more to explore in Downtown Napa than can be covered on one list alone. However, if you want to hit the highlights, then just keep reading.

Enjoy a wide range of wine tasting rooms

Of course, given what Napa Valley is famous for, we have to start off with this. There is a broad selection of tasting rooms to be found throughout the city. If you’re looking for a spot that’s all about the wine enthusiasts, Ellman Family Vineyards Tasting Gallery could be the spot. For those who want a more relaxed scene with live music playing, JaM Cellars is a better fit. Meanwhile, Vintner’s Collective Napa Valley has a collection as extensive as the building is historic. As the oldest of the city’s over twenty tasting rooms, it’s as much of a landmark as anything.

Dive into a thriving culinary scene

As you might expect of a wine-loving people, residents of Downtown Napa have a taste for the finer things. That goes for gastronomy as much as it applies to the vine. There are eateries for all kinds of tastes here. The Angele Restaurant & Bar is headed by some of the top chefs of the region who have worked in Michelin star kitchens. Torc brings farm to table food to a lively modern bistro. Cole’s Chop House elevates your standard steak house with the freshest ingredients and local produce. Whatever you feel like eating, Downtown Napa has you covered.

Check out the BottleRock Napa Valley music festival

If you happen to be in town at the right part of the year, then do stick around. Every late-May, the city’s biggest music festival opens up for three days. In 2019, the festival saw names like Imagine Dragons, Logic and Flogging Molly all performing on stage. It’s not just music, either. As with all celebrations of Napa Valley, there was plenty of wine from local vineyards on offer. Meanwhile, the culinary stage saw chefs partner with musicians and other performers to put on some truly tasty shows.

Enjoy the best of boutique shopping

Downtown Napa has shopping outlets to fit all kinds of tastes. From the luxuriant to the boutique to the antique, if you’re picking up a souvenir, this is your city. Napa Valley Jewelers represents some of the finest in luxury design. It has the largest bridal selection in the whole county, for one. Meanwhile, Macbella is a gorgeous little boutique, bringing US brands and European designs together in one spot. The Vintage Sweet Shoppe is the perfect place to stop after a day’s shopping for a sweet treat, too.

Sit back and get pampered in downtown napa

California’s wine country is almost as famous for its spas as it is for its wine. There’s a ton of geothermal activity in the area, meaning it has become a hotbed of massage therapists. As such, you will find plenty of spas and salons here. Spa Terra is an underground retreat right behind The Meritage Resort. Sugar + Lemon’s a studio offering a unique sugar hair removal and skin care treatment. From facials to body scrubs to saunas to the most luxurious spa products. If you want to get pampered and feel gorgeous, just explore Downtown Napa.

Board the Napa Valley Wine Train

Want to explore the surrounding Wine Country, see the vineyards, and enjoy a taste of them too? You don’t necessarily have to take a car out or even get your hiking boots on. The Napa Valley Wine Train can take you on a 36-mile tour all throughout the surrounding lush countryside. You can stop at a host of wineries and enjoy some excellent onboard cuisine with a four-course meal. The train runs regular events, as well, if you’re looking for something a little more exciting. Murder Mysteries, date nights, and even seasonal events are all on the cards (or on the rails.)

Catch the community at the Oxbow Public Market

If you want to see where Downtown Napa really comes together, then there’s only one place to head. Oxbow Public Market is where you can find many of the fresh ingredients being used in local restaurants. There you can find all kinds of shopping, including sweets, cheeses, baked goods, and much more. We recommend you take a walk just to enjoy sampling some of the fantastic locally produced olive oil. Otherwise, keep an eye out for events, as there is always something going on in the market.

Explore Napa’s cultural side

As the cultural heart of the city, and the county, Downtown Napa is full of expression and creativity. The ARTwalk has this proudly on display, featuring sculptures, performance art, and displays that change regularly. Meanwhile, the Uptown Theatre is the number one spot for live entertainment in the city. Art Gallery Napa Valley is the city’s premier gallery, too. If you want to see the creative efforts of local artists, including watercolors, photographs, glass art, and much more, that’s where you will find your fill. Simply put, you can’t go too far without brushing up some artistic passion in Downtown Napa.

Napa Valley is famous for a range of luxuries. To explore and enjoy them all, Downtown Napa just might be the perfect place to start. Everything from world-famous wines to luxury shopping is within walking distance here. Hopefully, the information above gives you a few ideas on where to go first. Don’t be afraid to go exploring under your own initiative, either. As the contemporary heart of a historic wine country, Downtown Napa has something to offer just about anyone. It’s just a matter of what you feel like seeing next.