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Come and experience Yountville at the heart of Napa Valley. A perfect town to explore and taste beautiful wines with lots of shops too.



Yountville is a beautiful town in the Napa Valley. It has a gourmet, upmarket vibe. It, therefore, attracts many thousands of people every year. People go to Yountville to sample the, wine and enjoy the countryside.

Sits between the town of Napa and Oakville a town of 3500 residents. The region is famous for being similar to Tuscany in Italy. It has a warm climate and rolling hills. Vineyards dot the land. Its wineries have a rustic charm.

The Napa Valley is 55 miles north of the city of San Francisco. The town of Yountville is on route 128, close to Lake Berryessa. It sits between two big mountain ranges. It offers good views for everyone who travels there. It is ideal for a vacation or a day trip.


Yountville is a small community. 2010 figures indicate that 2,933 people live in the town. Yountville gets its name from George C. Yount. Lived in Napa Valley in the 19th century. He was a popular person in the area. On his death, the members of the town wanted to honor him. They decided to change the name of the city. Before his death in 1855, the community called itself Sebastapol. Afterward, residents renamed it Yountville. That name remains to this day.

Yountville is a small place. It covers just 1.53 square miles. Most of the people who live in the town work on nearby vineyards. The most popular of these is The Vintage Estate, a large wine maker.

The Domaine Chandon California is a famous winery in the town knwo for Bubbles.. It was established in 1973 by John Wright. He was the first English-speaking wine producer in Napa. The winery, however, lies outside Yountville. It is not, therefore, within the city limits.

More than 89 percent of people in Yountville are white. Native Americans make up 1 percent of the population. There are no Asians at all, according to the 2010 figures. African Americans comprise 1.3 percent of the people who live there. Hispanics and Latinos make up 9.9 percent.

For a rural place, people live quite close together. There are more than 817 houses per square mile. Yountville does not spread out much across the Napa landscape. It is compact.

The town uses a council form of government. The city has a mayor and a vice mayor. It also has several council members elected locally, and a town manager. His job is to ensure the people get on.


Tourists love this town that has everything . The reason is the attractions, there is so much to see, and enjoy in this little are of the Napa Valley Wine Region.

Offers exciting art work. The city is home to performing arts such as jazz and comedy. You can see performances at the Uptown theatre.

Organized art walks. The town has more than 25 sculptures. Visitors can take guided tours of these works of art by professional guides.

Besides wine, Yountville is most famous for its  Restaurants, Hotels, and Tasting Rooms. Many people like to explore Yountville from the air. The Napa Valley hot air balloon takes you over the town and the surrounding vineyards. It provides views of the mountain ranges that flank the valley.

What about nightlife? Fortunately, Yountville has you covered there too. The town plays host to an event called Yountville Live in March every year. Here you can listen to music and try delicious wines. Organizers arrange the fair under the canopy of marquees. Guests sit on comfortable sofas and mingle with musicians. There is plenty of live music. Yountville uses the event to promote itself as the culinary capital of Napa Valley.

Despite its small size, is also home to the Napa Valley Museum. Here you can learn about what makes the local community special. The goal is to educate people about art and history. It contains lots of exhibits and artifacts. Some of these go back over a hundred years. Popular themes include life drawing and artist galleries.

The Yountville AVA is a top viticultural area. You can find it just outside the town. It covers more than 8,000 acres of land.

The town established the AVA in 1999. Winegrowers have since changed the landscape. Here you will find mile after mile of grapevines. It is a stunning sight at harvest time. Thick vines with grapes cover the countryside.

A visit here would not be complete without wine tasting. The town offers several locations where you can sample local wines. Jessups Cellars Tasting Gallery offers a wide range of wines. So too does the Silver Trident Winery. Those looking for an upmarket session should try the Girard Winery.

World Class restaurants. These venues provide delicious food to eat with local wine. Popular locations include Bouchon Bistro. Visitors also like to eat at Bistro Jeanty. It serves traditional French food. Oysters, bread, and steak are all on the menu. It is a must-visit for people who love French food.


The climate is ideal for wine growing. Yountville gets less rainfall than the rest of the country. Annual rainfall is 31.2 inches. It also receives no snow and rains only on around 70 days of the year. For 266 days, it is sunny. The sun helps to develop flavorful grapes.

Scores high on the climate comfort index. It gets a rating of 8.4 of out 10, much more than the US average of 7. Temperatures here fall to around 37.8 F in January. They stay about freezing. In the summer, July highs average 85.4 F. Again, Yountville is a comfortable location. There are not many very hot days here.

Great tourist town. It offers excellent wine and food, as well as plenty of art. You will not be bored here. There is a lot to do. People are friendly. The town has an open culture. It is upmarket. The wines are delicious.

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