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About Us

My name is Gino Meixel, and I am the Founder/CEO of the locally owned and run travel business Book Napa Valley. I was lucky enough to be born & raised on Howell Mountain St Helena Heart of Napa Valley. In fact, my family has deep roots in this gorgeous area of California, living and working in the area since the 1950s. Of course, this means that here at Book Napa Valley, we have a vast and intimate knowledge of the culture of Napa Valley. Not to mention long-standing connections with the most iconic vineyards and resorts. Something that means we can provide a truly unique experience to our clients when they come to experience the joys of the Valley for themselves.

Our Vision & Mission

About Book Napa Valley, our mission is that by the end of their visit, every client will love Napa just as much as we do. We do this by connecting you with the most private, exclusive, and intimate events in the area. Yes, that means here at Book Napa Valley, we go beyond usual tours and provide experiences in small boutique wineries. Along with luxurious private tastings and food pairings. In fact, we pride ourselves on offering unique access to the vineyards that create more exclusive, small production wines. The ones you may not get the opportunity to taste elsewhere. Wines you will get to sample, set against the backdrop of the broader benefits and experience this picturesque part of the world has to offer.

Our love of Napa

Here at Book Napa Valley, we offer an intimate understanding of Napa because we have vast local knowledge and deep roots in the region of Napa Valley. For example, in this local-run business, Papa Meixel used to work for the iconic Christian Brothers Winery. Which is now one of the world-renowned campuses of the Culinary Institute of America. While mother Meixel hauled grapes for pioneering grape growers Beckstoffer Vineyards!

In fact, everyone here at BookNapaValley has worked in the wine industry in Napa in one way or another. It is a benefit that gives us a unique insight into the wines of the area, and also the culture and people as well.

Napa – A world-class destination

Big sky, soaring hills, deep valleys, and rows on rows of neatly planted grapes. That is what the beautiful Napa region is famed for. Of course, it is so much more than that too. However, no matter where you go, you will find that the history and essence of the place are bound up in winemaking.

After all, it was in 1976 when the wines produced in the region beat their French competitors in a blind taste test. Something that earned Napa the coveted Judgement of Paris award.

In fact, it was this event that sparked two critical events for Napa. The first was that its wine was now taken seriously throughout the world. While the second was an explosion in the tourism industry in the area. Something that also saw the introduction of Michelin starred restaurants and luxury resorts.

However, there is something a little different when it comes to the Napa Valley. It is that, unlike many beautiful places, Napa’s development has been completed with taste and care. Something that means it retains its spacious, refined nature, for both visitors and locals to appreciate.

Premium wines and laid back refinement

Napa Valley may not be the largest location at only 30 miles long and 5 miles wide, with only 150 thousand residents. In fact, Napa only supplies 4% of the total amount of wine that is made in California. However, Napa Valley is not about quantity. Instead, the essence of the region is quality.

For the wine industry, that means focusing on making premium wines. Often using a combination of traditional methods and cutting edge ones. In fact, many of the wineries in Napa have a reputation for innovation in the industry. Something that allows them to consistently create a quality product that can be relied upon for taste, nose, and body year after year.

In fact, despite its small size, there is such a thriving community in the Valley, that planning a trip to the Belly can feel a little overwhelming. After all, it is not just the issue of where to stay that you will need to resolve, but what restaurants and wineries to visit. Not to mention all the other events like the Bottlerock festival, the wine & food pairings, shopping, hiking, and bicycling trips.

More than just wine

While it is true that the essence of the Napa region is winemaking, do not be deceived into thinking that win is all it has to offer. In fact, even for those that would rather sip water than wine, Napa is chocked full of fun and exciting activities and events. From high-end spas to elite golf clubs.

Additionally, hiring a bike to ride around the twisting lanes that separate the vineyards are popular activities. With world-class restaurants, providing ample opportunity to taste the local cuisine. Food that you will find is fresh, expertly cooked, and refined.

Of course, there is so much going on, having an expert to help you navigate the best events and sites can be very helpful. Happily, this is where our local team comes in.

In fact, if you are looking for the most personal and luxurious experiences when visiting the region, Book Napa Valley are the experts to choose.

The reason is that we not only love Napa but live it as well. A fact that means we have intimate knowledge and understanding of the areas and great contacts. Something that allows us to have our fingers on the pulse of what is hot, and make sure that we can gain privileged access for our clients.

Also, unlike other Napa travel companies, we focus on providing you with the most exclusive experiences. In fact, for us, the satisfaction lies in matching each client with a visit so perfect, that they cannot help but adore the area as we do. That is why you should contact our experts at Book Napa Valley, we are waiting for your call.

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