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Napa Valley Food and Wine Pairings


Napa Valley graced with some of the best wineries in the world. As such, it is an excellent place to go looking for new wines. Not only that, but it is a wonderful opportunity to find some truly amazing wine and food pairings.

With that in mind, let me take you on the best food & wine tour of this region. I have picked out some of the most amazing wineries that offer Napa Valley food and wine pairings. After conducting much research, I managed to settle on these five options:

Davis Estates

Davis Estates offers Napa Valley Food and Wine PairingsDavis Estates Napa Valley Food and Wine Pairings Pairings  is very Special. On 155 acres of pure wine goodness. The land had been owned by the residents of the Napa Valley for many years before Mike and Sandy Davis purchased it in 2011. Since then, it has blossomed into one of the top wineries around. It is visually gorgeous, and the wine selection is fantastic. Napa Valley is Cabernet Sauvignon territory, and this is reflected in the bottles available. But, there is also a selection of wonderful reds and delightful chardonnays.

Of course, the main attraction is the wine and food experience on offer here. Davis Estates has an executive chef that creates a pleasant tasting menu for guests. In total, there are four options:

  • Napa Valley Food and Wine Pairings
  • Historical Tour & Tasting
  • Library Tasting
  • VIP Experience

The Terrace Wine & Food Pairing offers a selection of flagship wines with stunning vineyard views. You get educated on what you’re drinking, and a host of luxurious bites are paired with each wine by the chef. It is one of the best and most relaxing Napa Valley wine & food pairings money can buy.

If you are looking for the best food & wine tour, then the Historical Tour & Tasting experience might be ideal. Here, you receive a detailed tour of the entire property, seeing how Davis Estates developed over the years. It ends in on the terrace, with more views for you to enjoy. The chef will whip up some seasonal delicacies that pair beautifully with some of the best wines of the season.

For a more private experience, the Library Tasting brings you inside the caves of Davis Estates. You will sit in a stunning cavernous wine cellar and be served a selection of rich reds. These are paired up with artisan cheeses and many other handcrafted delights from the on-site chef. It is one of the more relaxing wine & food experiences in the whole of Napa.

Finally, for those of you that want a more luxurious experience, there is the VIP option. You get a private tour of the entire estate – including all of the cellar caves. See how the wine is stored and produced, then be taken to your own VIP Crush Room. Sit down with up to three other guests as you sample the best wines in-season, along with gourmet food.

Overall, Davis Estates is a beautiful Napa Valley winery with excellent food & wine options. They also host various special events throughout the year, such as exclusive dinners. While not technically tours, they do give you a chance to sample the best food to pair with white & red wines. Like most Napa Valley wineries, there is a homely feel to the entire place. If anything, this makes the experience all the more enjoyable.



B Cellars Vineyards and Winery

B Cellars Vineyards and Winery

B Cellars Napa Valley Food and Wine Pairings is One of a Kind. is one of the most diverse wineries in terms of the wines they offer. They have rosé, sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, pinot noir, and many of their own blends as well. It boasts a very modern facility in a very classic location. You will find this on the Oakville Cross Road, which is famous for hosting some of the top wineries in the region.

Come to Napa Valley Food and Wine Pairings they have a Kitchen rite when you walk in, this is very Rare. The winery provides a full experience. You can choose between no fewer than six different wine tasting experiences:

  • Oakville Trek
  • Sojourn
  • Expedition
  • Heritage
  • Ascent
  • Terroir Tasting

Oakville Trek pairs you with a wine guide who takes you around all of the estate. You pass through vineyards, gardens, the winery, and many caves. Stops are made along the way for some barrel tasting of different wines. Then, it all culminates in a wine and food pairing session in the Hospitality House. Sip on award-winning wines and some seasonal bites developed on-site.

The Sojourn gives you a detailed tour of the vineyard by showing off the amazing appellation that B Cellars boasts. The thing I like most about this tour is that the wine & food tasting is at the start! You kick things off with some tantalizing whites that are paired with chocolate and cheese. A slightly strange combo, but it works!

B Cellars Napa Valley Food and Wine Pairings will not disappoint you for sure!

With the Expedition tasting experience, you tour the whole agricultural property. This includes the vineyards, but it takes you through their farm as well. B Cellars has a variety of animals that contribute to the experience. You are given wines that are paired with tasty bites delivered straight from farm to table. It is a unique experience blending fine wines with fresh food.

B Cellars has partnered with the legendary Beckstoffer Vineyards for this fascinating tour. You are taken through all six of the Beckstoffer Heritage Vineyards – which may say are on par with ones in France! If that is not a glowing review, I do not know what is. It is a one-of-a-kind experience where heritage wines are enhanced by seasonal bites.

Ascent is more of a social experience for wine enthusiasts. B Cellars provides a tour of the vineyards, gardens, and wine production facilities. Then, five different wines are produced with various cheeses and nibbles. You get to speak to other guests as you all enjoy some delightful food & wine pairings.

Lastly, the Terroir experience brings you wines from nearby vineyards. Terroir is a French idea that relates to the difference in soil quality. The unique thing about this experience is that you receive the same wine from various vineyards. It showcases how the exact same wine can have totally different flavor notes depending on the soil. Of course, the wine is paired with some lovely cheeses and charcuterie too.

B Cellars offers some of the best Napa Valley wine & food pairings for sure. I love the fact that each tour gives you something slightly different. Take your pick, and you will not be disappointed.


Robert Sinskey vineyards

Robert Sinskey Vineyards Napa Valley Food and Wine Pairings, they have their own kitchen. One of the big players in Napa Valley since 1991. This epic winery is all about making the most out of the natural resources. The owner takes great care with all of the soil, and live animals are roaming the fields. The emphasis is on embracing biodiversity and letting grapes grow naturally and healthily. As a result, this leads to some seriously tasty wines.

There are lots of pinot noir wines crafted at this winery, but it still offers further diversity. You will find merlot, muscat, pinot gris, pinot blanc, and many other options as well. The wines are only half of what we are interested in – what are the food pairings like? Well, you have the following wine & food tasting experiences to book from:

  • Flight of Five
  • Eat Drink RSV
  • Perfect Circle Tour
  • Chef’s Table

As the name suggests, Flight of Five gives you five wines to ponder over. Each one is paired with seasonal snacks that are all organically prepared in the kitchens. It is a very popular option for anyone that wants to get straight down to business and try some wine with food.

Eat Drink RSV is more of a dining experience to enjoy with friends. You can bring up to eight people in total to share the wonders of Napa Valley wines. Everyone gets a selection of wines from the vineyard, with each one paired to a course. There are three courses in total of lovely aperitifs from the on-site chef. After this experience, you will definitely know the best food to pair with white & red wines!

If you are looking for the best food & wine tour in Napa Valley, then the Perfect Circle Tour could be for you. It gives you an in-depth tour of the entire estate. You begin in the culinary gardens, make your way through the vineyards, then step inside the vast wine production cellar. After this, you are taken to a tasting room where a three-course tasting menu is served. There are food and wine in abundance – what more could you ask for?!

Chef’s Table is a similar experience, but with more emphasis on the tasting aspect. The tour is the same, but you receive a five-course tasting menu with this option. Sample both vintage and current wines from Robert Sinskey, along with seasonal dishes. The chef will speak to you about each dish and explain what wine pairs best with it. You will leave feeling satiated and satisfied.

I recommend Robert Sinskey Vineyards because the wine & food experiences cater to different tastes. If you want to just sit and enjoy excellent wine and food, then you can. But, if you would prefer a full tour of the estate, then you can do that too. No matter your needs, you will be well looked after here.


Round Pond Estate

Round Pond Estate Napa Food and Wine Pairings with Great views. A family-run winery owned by the MacDonnell family. The second generation of MacDonnells are in charge, and it sits in the well-renowned Rutherford region of the Valley. This estate has been around for over 40 years, and it certainly has a lot to boast. It is well known that Napa Valley is Cabernet Sauvignon territory and this winery produces a lot of it.

As a family winery that cares a lot about the fine details, you have some stunning experience to choose from. Round Pond Estate offers many wine tasting treats, but it also has a host of wine & food options. Here they are:

  • The Artisan Tasting
  • The Chef’s Pairing
  • Il Pranzo
  • Garden-to-Table Brunch

The Artisan Tasting gives you a taste of all Napa Valley is famous for. You don’t just receive any wines, you get limited-production ones straight from the estate. These get paired with artisanal bites served on a gourmet board. Everything is made by a chef on the estate, and the food is all fresh and local.

The Chef’s Pairing takes your mouth on a journey through all four seasons. There are four plates of food to taste, each one representing a different season. The chef will pair each offering with a limited-production wine from the Round Pond Estate. Aside from gorgeous food, you receive amazing panoramic views of the vineyard and mountains. This adds to the experience and almost makes everything taste even better.

Il Pranzo is Italian for The Lunch, and it is a brilliant blend of wine & food. Seriously, you will struggle to find a better wine & food tour in the region. It starts with a winery tour and ends with a delightful lunch. You get to sit out on a terrace as the chef brings you course after course of perfectly cooked food. Learn what wines pair best with different foods, then savor your fullness as you overlook the stunning estate.

Lastly, the Garden-to-Table Brunch takes Napa Valley wine & food pairings to a new level. An intimate tour of the winery garden kicks this experience off with a bang. You are then escorted up to the terrace where the freshest garden produce is used to whip up a culinary experience like no other. Fresh ingredients come together to create timeless dishes. Each one is served with a glass of carefully selected wine from the cellar. If you are stuck for something to do around late morning in Napa Valley, then this is the place to be.

Round Pond Estate has everything you could possibly hope for in terms of wine & food pairings. They even host events where you can learn how to cook and pair wines with food. So, it is certainly up there as one of the top wineries for culinary enthusiasts.


Our journey ends atop a hilltop estate in the Napa Valley. It is one of the most uniquely placed wineries in the region, and the history behind it is equally special. Artesa Winery brings the Meditteranean to Napa. It is owned by Spain’s oldest winemaking family! They traveled here 25 years ago and set up shop in Los Carneros. This estate has over 460-years worth of winemaking expertise running it, and boy does it show.

World-class pinot noir and chardonnay are produced here thanks to the unique soil climate. While the stunning landscapes are a joy to behold, it is the tasting experience that make this place one of the best around. Artesa currently has the following wine & food pairings to choose from:

  • Aromatic Tasting with Caviar
  • Signature Tasting or Tinto Tasting on the Terrace
  • Galatea Flight with Tapas
  • Artisanal Flight with Chocolate
  • Heritage Flight with Pintxos
  • Vino con Queso in the Grand Salon

There is a classiness to this winery, and that is reflected in the Aromatic Tasting with Caviar experience. You will be given a selection of sparkling, white, and rosé wines to taste. Each one is expertly paired with Tsar Nicoulai American White Sturgeon caviar. The flavors work so well with one another, making you pine for more right away.

The Signature Tasting or Tinto Tasting on the Terrace feeds you lovely views and exquisite wine. You can relax and enjoy the views while nibbling on some complimentary cheese and charcuterie. Each plate is specially designed to bring out the wine’s natural flavors, taking the whole experience to new heights.

The Spanish roots of this winery are out in full force with the Galatea Flight with Tapas. Five of the winery’s best wines are sampled, along with lots of small Tapas plates. It will feel as though you have been taken on a plane to the sunny wine fields of Spain.

Artisanal Flight with Chocolate brings some artisanal wine and chocolate pairings. A lovely twist on the typical wine & food pairings you see in the region. Smooth, delicate truffles enhance all the flavor notes of the five wines you get to try. You get chocolate and wine – two of life’s best pleasures!

Pintxos are a Spanish tradition local to the Basque region. They are small bites spiked with a skewer, and each one is made for a specific wine. There are five for you to taste here, along with six different wines. The trick here is to have a sip of wine before and after trying a Pintxos. It will amaze you how much the taste changes.

Finally, there is the Vino con Queso. This translates as wine with cheese – what more could you want? Carefully selected cheeses are paired with five of the best Artesa wines for a celebration of flavor.

All in all, Artesa offers a fabulous wine and food pairing experience. They also have a Member’s Club for people that want to become regulars here. If you do become a member, then they have exclusive wine tasting evenings and events to enjoy.

On that note, we have come to the end of this lovely tour of Napa Valleys’ best wine & food pairings. Each of these five wineries offers a host of wonderful experiences. If you’re in the region and want geat wine with excellent food, then these are the places to go.


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