St helena Napa Valley

St Helena The Heart of Napa Valley. Though it seems like a quaint and typical town, St. Helena is a crown jewel of Napa Valley. There are many exciting options to explore here. You can stray from the beaten bath or visit the main tourist destinations. Either way, you will love what you discover here.

St Helena gives visitors great restaurants and a beautiful main street. But there’s far more than meets the eye.


There are countless wineries in St. Helena. On your visit, you can take the time to visit as many as possible. You will be delighted with what they have to offer. This includes the chance to taste a wide selection of wines.

The wineries are one of the most mentioned attractions of St. Helena. They are spread out around the outskirts of the town. Do a guided tour. Experts here will show you all the best spots. They will ensure you don’t miss out on a great experience.

The wineries give a chance to delve into the past history of St. Helena. You can discover the origins of the wine industry in Napa Valley. There are both boutique and family-owned wineries to consider. Each has its own character and delicious wines for you to try.

Anderson’s Conn Valley is a unique winery. It produces both Cabernet and Bordeaux Blends. Tastings here are held in winery caves with an oak scent. It is a wonderful, sensory experience that is quite unique.


Peaceful place to Visit, You will never be far from a beautiful area to relax and have a picnic. A fantastic example of this is Crane Park which stretches over 12 acres. The park provides picnic grounds, horseshoe pits, tennis courts, bocce ball areas and much more. It’s the perfect place for the whole family to enjoy.

Through May until September, the farmer’s market is held every Friday morning. This is a rare chance to sample locally produced foods of St Helena. You are certain to love the fine selection of cheeses available here in particular. The park is just a short walk from Main Street and the perfect spot to spend the day. Particularly
if you love the outdoors.


There are plenty of great ways to see everything St Helena has to offer. You can walk the main street. This will provide you with opportunities to dart in and out of cosy, niche boutique shops. You can take a drive to explore the surrounding locations or opt for a guided tour when visiting the wineries.

However, one of the best options will be to rent a bike. This option is available at St Helena. Cyclery. It will provide a great chance to explore the surrounding beauty spots. You can even gain advice with route planning and ensure that you head in the right direction.

is home to one of the oldest buildings in Napa Valley. The Bale Grist Mill Historic State Park was built in the 1800s. It is one of the last water-powered mills that still stands today in Cali.

You can take the tour and learn about the history. There are even demonstrations to show you how this building works. It’s also another great place for a picnic with rolling hills and beautiful grounds close by.

Vacation in St. Helena

Perhaps you are planning a vacation around a relaxing getaway? Then St Helena is the perfect place for you. As well as the stunning scenery you can spend a full day at a spa. Book a trip to the Health Spa Napa Valley. There are fitness services here as well as a full spa solution. Take advantage of a state of the art steam room or enjoy special options including body wraps and massages.

You will even be provided with a glass of sparkling wine. This is wine country after all. If you want to really treat yourself, there are countless add ons and special options to choose from here too. This includes a bathe in french clay and grapeseed mud. It is both refreshing and revitalizing.


If you love art there are plenty of wonderful reasons to visit St Helena. You can visit the Dennis Rae Fine Art exhibit. Here you will find countless pieces including contemporary paintings as well as sculptures.

Rather than seeing works of art from far and wide, this location focuses on local artists. You can discover many of the talented artists that were raised in St Helena right here. Depending on when you visit, you might also notice a few special exhibits.

There are urban art exhibits as well. If you are interested in exploring modern art, this is certainly the place for you. Some of the pieces here are incredible.


St Helena boasts a varied range of restaurants for you to explore. Every taste and preference is served here from seafood delights to traditional American cuisine. Service is kept to a high standard and many restaurants provide a fantastic dining experience.

Between dining, you can explore some of the many shops St Helena has to offer. This includes Mario’s Men’s Clothing, Lolo’s Consignment and Findings. Many of the boutique stores you will discover here do not exist anywhere else in the world. They are completely unique to St Helena.

Finally, St. Helena does provide a range of fun activities. If you love golf, you may want to check out the Meadowood Golf Course. The scenery here is unbeatable and it provides a serene experience for those eager to enjoy a few holes. Meadowood Golf Course also provides a great place to dine after you have completed your game.

We hope this helps you understand that St Helena is filled to the brim with fantastic possibilities. From wonderful dining experiences to great outdoor areas and places of historical importance, it’s all waiting for you here.

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