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Napa Valley Wineries 2021 Hidden Gems


Napa Valley Wineries are known for its beautiful landscape, high-quality wines, and luxurious hotels. But there are some hidden gems that you may not have heard of! These are the vineyards that provide a more intimate experience with wine tasting or even just taking in the beauty of the land.

Rutherford Hill Vineyard – This winery was founded by two brothers who were born on this property back in 1879. They are very proud of their family history here and it shows through their hospitality. You can get to know more about them during one of their tours or enjoy an outdoor concert event while sipping on your favorite wine! 2) Fable Winery – A perfect place for young couples looking for something romantic to do together

A little known fact before visiting Napa Valley is each town has its own distinct wines and tasting rooms. No big name places here. So why not go wine country off the beaten path this trip? Now you can Book a Tour with Wine Country Hidden Gems! We have all been there, trying to sort through the hundreds of wineries in the area and pick which one will be just right.

Well we’re thrilled to offer you something better: for those who want that unique experience of finding the “hidden gems” throughout California, we kick it up a notch by offering our guests more than just wineries on their tours. Check out our main site for even more information about us as well as any specials currently running at winecountry Napa Valley hidden gems. Experience the very best boutique wineries , and vineyards.

Overall, Napa Valley Wineries 2021 produces around 50 million cases of wine per year. However, the majority of these come from larger wineries. It is widely known that the best wine comes from more independent sources. The small wine producers contribute anywhere between 300 to 2000 cases of wine every single year. It’s not so much about quantity as it is about quality!

The beauty of small-production wineries is that the owners love what they do. They are passionate about their business. They want to create a product of the highest quality possible. That is what sets them apart from more corporate wineries, who rely on quantity over quality.


In recent years more and more of these small producers have been able to bring their wine to market through direct sales, tasting room sales, and Internet sales. This trend has led many to wonder if the big wineries will be replaced with smaller ones!

The following list includes some of my favourite boutique wineries in Napa Valley that you really need to visit on your next trip:

Picket Fence Vineyards – Wine can only be sold by appointment or at a tasting room inside the ranch house where they grow organic herbs as well as grapes . It’s located outside Calistoga.

Château Montelena Winery – The chateau was purchased in 1968 by Jim Barrett, a British expat who recognized the opportunity to make great wines in what had been very rough years of wine production at that time. Château Montelena’s white wines are made almost entirely from grapes grown on their estate vineyards in Calistoga. These include a Chardonnay, Pinot blanc and a Sauvignon blanc which is their most acclaimed white wine.

Chappellet Winery is a family owned winery located just south of St. Helena with sweeping views of the Napa Valley from every angle of the property. This hidden gem sits atop one of Napa’s oldest non-grafted vines from an original pre-Prohibition block that has been producing ultra high quality fruit since 1981 .


Nichelini Family Vineyard – For decades it was thought that old vines were impossible to grow, but today they are proving otherwise by growing over 100 year old vines on a property located directly across from the Oakville Grade. The Nichelini Family Vineyard is one of those that sits as proof to the old adage “that good things come in small packages.”

Truchard Vineyards – In 1976, Truchard planted 20 acres of vines and today they have over 130 acres with nearly half of the vines being over the age of 50 years old. Truchard sits on the benchland of the Napa Valley and is one of those vineyards that you can point to and say, “Ah, there’s where it all comes from.”

Napa Valley Wineries 2021

Then there are the wines that come from these vineyards. While they may be difficult to get, it is well worth seeking them out because you will not find their like anywhere else. The old vines produce small crops of intensely flavored grapes with, as some have described it, “Well Balanced tannins.”

“What makes these wines so unique?” one might ask. Well first off, they are grown in organic farming practices and typically do not benefit from chemical enhancements such as fertilization and irrigation. Having less crop allows the sun to shine on each individual berry which produces intense flavors and aromas within each grape.

In addition, many of these vineyards see yields under 2 tons per acre where the average commercial vineyard grows 10+ tons per acre. To top if off, many of these vines are around 80+ years old and have been passed down from generation to generation!

In Napa Valley Wineries 2021, there are many hidden gems that tourists may not know about. In this blog post I will be listing a few of these amazing places! The Saint Helena Winery in the town of St. Helena is home to over 40 wines and has a beautiful backdrop with its vineyard setting. Hidden gem The Oxbow Market District with plenty of Tasting rooms with small production wine makers.

Napa Valley Wineries 2021 include The Wine Thief, Walt, Mark Herrold, Krupp Brothers, and Feast it Forward. These tasting rooms have wines that you will not find anywhere else. Do not miss out on these small production wines, once they are gone they are gone!

Napa Valley is one of the most popular tourist destinations in California and, alongside Sonoma County, it’s also a wine mecca. With so many wineries to choose from and such a variety of tours available there’s no wonder that Napa Valley tourism has exploded over the last few years with visitors coming from all around the globe.

So if you’re planning on visiting Napa Valley soon we’ve put together this blog post full of helpful information for tourists about what to expect when they come here! What You Can Expect When Visiting

Napa Valley Wineries 2021 

Napa Valley is home to countless world-renowned Napa Valley wineries 2021 including Robert Mondavi Winery Educational-the first modern-day vineyard in America; Silver Oak Cellars. Are you planning a trip to Napa Valley? If so, then this blog is for you! We’ll be talking about the various tour guides that can take you around and show you all of the sights. Let’s get started.

Do you want to take a vacation, but not break the bank? Head to Napa Valley for some fun activities. With wine tastings, scenic drives and more, your days will be filled with excitement. Come visit today. Let Book Napa Valley Plan Your Trip Today.


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