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The origins of Mario Bazán Cellars can be traced back to 1973 when Mario made the journey from his hometown of Oaxaca, Mexico, to the enchanting Napa Valley. Upon arriving in this picturesque region, Mario was captivated by its stunning beauty and invigorated by the thriving wine culture that surrounded him. Over the course of the next forty years, he dedicated himself to refining his craft, progressing from a humble laborer to an accomplished grape grower.

Today, Mario stands as the proud owner of his own vineyard estate, alongside a highly esteemed vineyard management company. His expertise spans across several hundred acres throughout the Napa and Sonoma Valleys, where he skillfully tends to his vineyards and cultivates exceptional grapes.

Mario Bazán is a humble individual who has embraced the opportunities life has bestowed upon him, finding immense joy in nurturing the health of the vineyards under his care. His unwavering dedication and tireless efforts have earned him the respect and admiration of both the winegrowing and winemaking communities in the Napa Valley. Mario’s journey began in his small town in Oaxaca, Mexico, where his agricultural upbringing took root amidst his family’s cornfield. In search of a better life, he arrived in the United States in 1973 and settled in the picturesque Napa Valley, dedicating his life’s work to the vineyards.

Starting as a vineyard laborer and tractor driver, Mario honed his skills at renowned wineries such as Joseph Phelps and eventually found himself at Robert Mondavi Winery in 1979. Fueled by an unwavering work ethic and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Mario steadily climbed the ranks, eventually overseeing prestigious vineyards like Opus One and To Kalon.

After spending sixteen fruitful years at Robert Mondavi, Mario embarked on a new chapter in 1995, joining the historic Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars. There, he further refined his expertise while collaborating with luminaries such as Warren Winiarski, Michael Silacci, and Julia Winiarski for three fulfilling years. Stag’s Leap became the final stepping stone before Mario transformed his entrepreneurial dream into reality by establishing his own vineyard management company in 1997: Mario Bazán Vineyard Management.

To this day, Mario tends to several hundred acres of vineyards, spanning from Napa to Calistoga, encompassing the valley floor, foothills, and steep mountain ranges. The launch of Mario Bazán Cellars in 2005, coupled with the beginning of his life with Gloria, has further fortified his commitment to cultivating grapes of exceptional quality. Through his meticulous stewardship, the wines of Mario Bazán Cellars have garnered glowing critical acclaim since their inaugural vintage, amassing a devoted following of passionate enthusiasts.

Mario’s vision extended beyond the boundaries of the vineyard as he aspired to create an extraordinary wine-making experience encompassing properties under his management. In pursuit of this dream, Mario joined forces with Victoria Coleman, the founding winemaker, for the 2005 vintage. Together, they introduced the inaugural Mario Bazán Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon, laying the foundation for their winemaking journey. In 2009, they expanded their repertoire by adding a Sauvignon Blanc to their collection.

Mario’s unwavering commitment to excellence, which he instills in himself and his vineyard workers, finds resonance in Gloria’s dedication within the winery. Their shared passion for maintaining high standards is evident in every wine crafted for their portfolio. This venture into winemaking represents a natural progression, bridging Mario’s lifelong dedication from the vineyard to the table, where the fruits of his labor can be savored.

In 2005, Gloria joined Mario after their marriage, marking a significant milestone for both of them. During this time, they also acquired their cherished family estate, embarking on the journey of establishing their vineyard located at the foothills of Atlas Peak. As fate would have it, in 2007, Mario and Gloria were blessed with the birth of their twins, Antonio and Alexander. Coincidentally, this joyous occasion aligned with the completion of the inaugural 2005 vintage of Mario Bazán Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon, which was just about to be introduced to the market.


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