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Hog Island Oysters Napa Co. is one of the premier producers of certified sustainable shellfish in Tomales Bay, California with 160 acres and sells over 5 million oysters each year. Our early motto was “Strong backs and weak minds” when we first planted our five-acre lease for this endeavor back on July 1983 as marine biologists by day who became oyster farmers at night just to stay afloat during these difficult times where food sources were scarce due to an ever expanding human population that needed more space than what natural resources could provide them without exploiting nature too much like what happened before Hurricane Harvey hit Texas last month which left devastation everywhere including manila clams because those little creatures don’t stand a chance against mother nature’s fury

We are Hog Island Oysters Napa Valley, at the Oxbow where Family’s are highly welcomed. Farm with one goal in mind: To provide top quality seafood that is sustainable and delicious. We start by cultivating high-quality oysters slowely so they can grow to be more flavorful than their counterparts!
When you taste our products it will make sense why we take great care every step of the way – from growing them on your plate all too producing an informative website filled up information about how this food was grown for those interested parties among us who might not yet know what goes into making sure any given dish tastes as good or better than its billed (tongue firmly planted).

Come to our Hog Island Oysters Napa Valley and enjoy the freshest seafood experience!

We offer you the freshest seafood experience Hog Island Oysters Napa Valley are harvested and delivered daily from local farms, so they’re always fresh and delicious. You can also try other shellfish like clams, mussels, crab claws, lobster tails, geoduck clams and more. Plus we have a full menu of salads, sandwiches and entrees for lunch or dinner. It’s all made with locally sourced ingredients whenever possible – just like we do at home on Hog Island Bay. And if you love what you eat here (which is pretty much guaranteed), then take some of it home with you! We sell fresh-shucked oysters by the dozen as well as smoked fish products that make great gifts or party platters for your next gathering at home.

Visit Hog Island Oysters Napa Valley downtown Napa Valley! Or call 707-226-3060 to place an order ahead of time so it will be ready when you arrive. Either way we look forward to seeing you soon!Hog Island Oysters Napa was started out with the aim of cultivating the highest quality oysters possible and is still the driving principle behind Hog Island. Developing sustainable aquaculture techniques to produce superior shellfish that taste wonderful while building a community of like-minded people. We call it our “Bay to Bar” philosophy – every step is important and we want to ensure that we always meet the high standards that we set ourselves.

Located at the popular Oxbow Public Market you’ll find this a fun, trendy, laid back oyster bar that attracts locals and tourists. They offer bar seating as well as tables to sit and converse – enjoy their locally sourced seafood!


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